Join our Recreational Music Program – its cool, and it’s for adults.  Current classes are beginner-level. Want to try piano for the first time,  or learn a bit about writing your own music? Over six weeks, explore music creatively in a fun, supportive group environment! 

REGISTERING NOW for the following Adult Group Music Classes:

  • Intro to Piano, group class for adults. With “Fleck”
    Group Instrument tuition is $145 for the six-week series; classes meet once per week for two hours. Details below.
  • Intro to Music Writing, group class for adults and teens. With Cheyne Runnells!  Intro to Music Writing is $95 for the six-week series; classes meet once per week for 75 minutes. Details below.

WHERE: Classes are held at Ascencion Music Academy – 115 W. Oregon Avenue in KDH – behind the Post Office and across from the Baum Center.

WHO and HOW: Registration is limited; advance signup required. We keep classes small so you get lots of attention. Minimum of three, maximum of six. Sign up here or call us. Tuition must be paid in advance – your payment holds your spot.  Questions? Call Cathy 252-955-0706.


Fleck Fleckenstein teaches recreational music

Fleck teaches Group Piano and other instrument classes for adults. Whether you are a “recovering musician” who hasn’t touched an instrument since high school, or a hopeful beginner who always wanted the chance to try, these recreational classes are for you!

Fleck offers a joyful beginner-level experience. Over a period of six weeks, work together in a fun and supportive group environment to learn basic techniques for piano and other instruments, explore music creatively, and most importantly…. play songs! Class is open to adults; no prior musical knowledge or experience necessary.  THURSDAYS 11:00am to 1:00pm Signup now for classes beginning January 24th 2019!  You DON’T NEED a PIANO – we’ve got you covered. Two hours a week for six weeks.  $145. 

Cheyne teaches group Intro to Music Writing for adults and teens.  This six-week course will teach you the basics of musical composition.

Cheyne covers how to approach writing a piece and how to discover and develop ideas using basic music theory. Classes are at the introductory, “I just want to have fun” level. You’ll write your own short piece(s). Concepts learned in this class will be applicable to songwriting! Rudimentary ability to play an instrument (any) and read music is required. WEDNESDAYS 7:30pm to 8:45pm!  75 minutes per week for six weeks. Register now for classes beginning mid-March 2019.  $95. 

Pay online (click here) or in person at the studio.  Signup online (click here) or in person at the studio.  For more information, call 252-955-0706.