Our children’s music program is described below.  Please note that, during this uncertain time of pandemic, group classes for all ages of student are temporarily suspended.  Call today to ask about private lessons for your child.  252-955-0706    

Small Fries are four to seven!

Small Fries This is our Ascencion Music Academy general music program for early elementary schoolers and pre-ks ages 4 to 7. We look forward to helping your child develop many musical skills.  Over the course of the semester, your child will be introduced to piano, drums, singing, music notation and more.  Together, students and teachers sing, listen, dance, play games and instruments, explore sounds, and improvise.  

In class. Grownups, you are welcome to observe class.  Sometimes, you’ll even be asked to participate! Please know that cell phones and other digital devices are put away and out of sight during class time.

Participating activities with us. For this age child, we recommend that parents sometimes just observe, sometimes participate and sometimes drop the child off.  On the days you stay and participate, don’t worry if your voice is not perfect or your rhythm is not steady.  If you are in class with us, join in wholeheartedly. And, don’t worry about your child’s musical abilities either, like singing on pitch. These are developmental tasks that have wide age variances.  

Pre-Ks This is our Ascencion Music Academy instrument introduction for pre-ks ages 3 to 5. We look forward to helping your child develop many musical instrument skills.  Over the course of the semester, your child will be introduced to piano, guitar, and rhythm. Students may be given instruments to take home during the week from time to time.  These are for home practice, and the instruments remain the property of Ascencion Music Academy. Please be good stewards of these instruments while they are in your care! 

Musikgarten Family Music for Toddlers (15-36 months) at Ascencion Music Academy are a series of carefully researched and sequenced courses for children from 15 to 36 months

Toddlers explore!

In class, we are about the process of music making, not performance. Children are discovering their own musicality and learning musical concepts in age-appropriate, holistic ways. Hearing and responding back to melodic patterns with the voice and to rhythmic patterns with instruments, experiencing a steady beat in body movements, listening closely to sounds to identify them, telling stories through sound and movement, dancing, singing folk songs and lullabies from around the world – these are just a few of the ways in which our youngest musicians begin developing their musicianship and musical skills. One child’s response to a new song might be singing, while another child’s equally good response might be listening. Music is its own reward.

REGARDING ALL Children’s Music Classes

  • Enrolling your child in music class at a young age is a wise and wonderful choice. Don’t worry about your child’s initial ability to sing on pitch, play an instrument, or keep a steady beat.  These skills develop over time and the earlier the child begins, the more easily things flow.
  • The benefits of early music education are many. Music immerses the child in language, enhances brain functioning, and fosters physical coordination. Music improves overall development and decreases learning problems. Music has even been connected with resiliency—the ability to bounce back after a disturbing event.
  • Your child will participate when ready; please allow and embrace this! Try not to worry if your child doesn’t appear to “get it” with every skill right off the bat. With time, everyone moves along in his or her own way.  Our purposefully small class size allow our teachers to respond to the individuals they have in each group.
  • If you find your child’s behavior needs re-directing, first leave this to the teacher. If you actively assert your authority in class, this can be confusing for the children and actually inhibit their musical exploration.  As long as the child is not disturbing other children, just sit back.  If for some reason, your child becomes a distraction for the other children, simply and calmly take him out to re-group.
  • During the week: Listen, listen, listen to music, sing, dance, read aloud to each other!   This is your family’s homework.
  • Our faculty are certified to teach music to the very young. We have lots to share with you!
  • Sschool-year semesters are 12 sessions long, and summer semester is eight weeks.  Tuition varies accordingly. 

Cancellations, make-ups and guests: Each class is a learning experience unto itself, so missing a class here and there does not damage the learning process.  Generally, makeup classes are not provided, unless your child misses a large number of classes. This will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Refunds are not available. Guests are welcome, with advance permission from the instructor.

We look forward to watching your children grow in so many ways! We welcome your questions, comments, and lovely stories! 

Academy Contact Information: Cathy  Pescevich Kreplin, Co-director cathy@ncmusicteachers.com  252-955-0706

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