If you’re good, you can blow the roof off!

Blow the roof off!

Every week, my young friend waits patiently for her piano lesson whilst her older sister has her voice lesson.  She spends time playing each instrument she finds in our group classroom.  While she is quite an excellent piano student, she also seems to be a natural at the guitar, the harp, the bells, the xylophone, the ukelele, the harmonica, and the drums.  Oh, and she sings a bit, too.

The words at the top of this drawing got cut off – my apologies!  The complete drawing said “like to play instrumants!!! then play P.e.i.a.n.o   P.S.  if your good, you can blow the roof off!!!”

WOW.  Thanks, girlfriend.

Mrs. Cathy  9/20/13