• Instruments/areas of study: Flutes & Recorders, Clarinet
  • Styles: Classical, Jazz, Renaissance, Contemporary world.
  • Class format: Individual and group lessons; classes and workshops.

Flute and Recorder Faculty Cathy Pescevich Kreplin

cathy flute

Cathy’s welcome statement:  “Thank you for visiting my flute instruction page. Together, we will cultivate your musical mind. Serious music students of all ages are welcome! In my studio, you will learn to know your instrument, read music, sight-sing, practice effectively, achieve excellent breath management and body alignment, develop consistently beautiful tone, listen well and critically, prepare for auditions, conquer intonation problems and deepen your understanding of rhythm.

I once came across this quote: ‘Flute players know something that no one else does.’ Memorable words and so true! Excellent management of the breath and development of beautiful tone are paramount for flutists. As my student, you’ll explore these and more – pursuing development of expressiveness, speed and accuracy, solo and ensemble playing. You’ll learn how to establish effective practice discipline, achieve audition and performance readiness, and be familiar with the care of your instrument. For each new piece of repertoire, we will discuss basic compositional analysis as well as historical context. The Royal Conservatory Achievement Program standards, Dalcroze Eurhythmics, plus methods from Wye, Moyse and Marquarre (among others) are incorporated into my teaching.  To learn more, please see my bio.” 252-955-0706

Clarinet Faculty Ashley Moreau

Ashley’s welcome statement:  “The clarinet is such a fun instrument to begin musical instruction on where students can learn the basics of music theory, technique, ear training, and improvisation through a mix of classical, jazz, and popular musical styles. Whether you are wanting to learn the clarinet for a hobby, to play in band, or someday want to perform, clarinet lessons can be a great way to be introduced to proper breathing, posture, and correct embouchure so that you then have the building blocks to be successful in whatever your goals in music may be. To learn more, please see my bio.” 252-955-0706